Supervisory Board

Wilma Buis

Chair of the Supervisory Board

My name is Wilma Buis. With enthusiasm I am the chair of the Supervisory Board of the AMT Foundation and the Stichting Frog Foundation Eline Snel. In this role I can deploy my knowledge and experience of 30+ years in business, including 20 years as managing director of an HR-consultancy. I see it as a privilege to contribute in this way to the purpose and the important work of the Academy and the Frog Foundation for children and their parents. The Steward Ownership principles as the concept for the future of the organisation offer a sustainable basis to continue helping children worldwide developing themselves in a positive way.




Eline Snel

Founder and member of the Supervisory Board

As part of the AMT team, I enjoy developing training and education materials and mindfulness apps for children, and writing books.

I put my heart and soul into giving training courses and workshops at home and abroad. The annual silent retreat gives peace in a busy life. I’m a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, and a guest lecturer on mindfulness for children at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

My books Sitting Still Like a Frog, for parents of children between 4 and 12 (2010), and Breathe through this for parents of adolescents (2014), have been published in 42 countries and translated into 30 languages.

As a member of the supervisory board I supervise the shaping of the AMT’s strategy, with the emphasis on constantly maintaining and improving the quality of our education, and facing new developments head on. What we do is who we are!

Wouter Diesch

Member of the Supervisory Board

After I was asked, I knew for sure! I like to contribute to the Foundation on the one hand and to the very interesting and good work that is done with the Academy for Mindful Teaching on the other.
Together, we supervise the organisation and the work of the boards. I focus on the finances and can share my knowledge of setting up a foundation.
In daily life, I am involved in data analytics and innovation within accountancy and, where necessary, this knowledge will also be shared for an even better result for the Foundations.



Rosan Snel

Member of the Supervisory Board

My name is Rosan Snel. With pleasure and a warm heart I take part in the Supervisory Board of the two foundations. I fully believe in the missions and I’m grateful to be able to help to further strengthen the organizations through both solicited and unsolicited advice. How beautiful would it be if more children in the world already at an early age learn to recognize, accept and understand their feelings better. Especially in today’s digital, ‘always on’ times.
My experience lies in strategy, innovation and (international) team collaboration. I have a background in Business Administration with a master’s degree in Strategy & Organization. After various (part-time) jobs in, among others, teaching, marketing and strategy consultancy, I am currently working at PwC as an organizational consultant. Here I help companies to become future-proof again: identify innovation opportunities, redefine the strategy and then set up the organization in a way that every talent in the organization shines through.
I look forward to, together with the team, making the foundations’ vision a reality: after all, it is not a luxury, but a necessity…