The Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer course is a 1-year specialized Mindfulness training in the Method Eline Snel. During this training you will learn to deliver a practical and compassionate eight-week Mindfulness training to teachers, care workers and/or parents.


This specialized Training to become a Mindful Parenting & Teaching trainer for teachers, healthcare professionals and parents fulfills a great need to continue working and parenting with heart and soul. Children and adults experience a lot of stress: classroom turmoil, behavior problems and feeling “too much” are on the rise, while inner peace is waning. “The on button” works, but the “pause button” does not. Good teaching is not just about knowledge transfer, but affects important values, behaviors and how we treat ourselves and each other. For children to performing at their own level requires inner peace and conscious attention. To teach and educate yourself well with inner peace also requires attention and conscious presence. Fortunately, you can train this “attention muscle’’.
The development of conscious attention underlies any learning. Mindfulness, or the practice of conscious, focused attention, influences learning in children. Practicing conscious attention can be compared to tuning a musical instrument before playing. Why won’t we tune our learning instrument before we start using it? More and more boards, principals and teachers are at the forefront of a rapidly growing movement to make Mindfulness a permanent part of the 21st century school curriculum. By doing so, you stimulate not only learning, but also self-confidence, creativity, compassion and executive functions. The brain comes to rest, impulsive behavior and stress reactions decrease. Calmness emerges. Peace and concentrated attention. What child wouldn’t you grant this?

COURSE TO BECOME Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer

During the Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer training, you will learn how to teach the specialized eight-week Mindfulness training to professionals working with children and to parents. Eline developed this training over four years in practice. The training is now given by many trained teachers to other teachers at school, as well as by child psychologists/psychiatrists to their colleagues and/or parents of children who indicate they would like it.

For whom: for professionals who work in education, care or are otherwise professionally involved in child rearing or care issues within parenting (Mindful Parenting).

Duration of training: One year. During ten teaching days of 4,5 hours and one silence day, you will learn everything you need to start training Mindful Parenting & Teaching. After this begins a longer process, of continuing to deepen personally, teaching an eight-week pilot training yourself, and writing a final report on your own learning.

Where: Online

When: We start Mindfulness trainings throughout the year. Check our Calendar for the next training.

Cost: The cost for this year-long Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer training is €1660. This fee includes all materials needed to attend the training. This amount does not include the two mandatory supervision calls of €85 per call.

The Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer training in, Method Eline Snel includes:

  • Intake procedure with an accompanying intake interview through Microsoft Teams
  • 70 contact hours during training
  • Silence Day of 6 hours
  • 80 hours will be spent preparing course materials and delivering an eight-week pilot training to adults in your target audience
  • 40 hours spent reading related literature
  • 2x one-hour supervision sessions via video call. These conversations take place during the eight-week pilot training.
  • 40 hours are required for preparing and writing your final report

Included in the training

  • 1 set of handouts from all training sessions of the eight-week training
  • 1 workbook for participants of the eight-week Mindful Parenting & Teaching training in the Method Eline Snel for prospective Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer in the Method Eline Snel
  • Audio with all exercises for the participants
  • 1 set of the written out meditations. These can only be used by yourself during the training and all contain copyright© Eline Snel and are part of Eline Snel’s books.

    Contents of the Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer Course

    During the training year, we will cover various topics. Below is a brief explanation of the content of the Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer training program

    Preparation for training

    We ask you to prepare prior to the training, you do this through the following:

    • Reading the books Sitting Still Like a Frog and Breath Through This by Eline Snel
    • The whole brain, the whole child by Daniel Siegel to read
    • Reading Every blessings: The inner work of mindful parenting by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Myla Kabat- Zinn
    • Listening to and experiencing all the audio accompanying Eline’s books.

    During the course, the training will delve deeper into:

    • The main three basic psychological needs of every human being
    • From DOING to BEING: how do you do it?
    • Reflection on personal experiences from own childhood
    • The courage to feel feelings and recognize the influence of feelings and thoughts on behavior
    • From impulsivity to awareness of (automatic) behavior. What important role does attention training play in this?
    • Feeling boundaries and your (un)conscious reaction to them
    • Working with Mindfulness qualities in parenting, education and mental health care
    • Application of the theme of stress in the eight-week program.
    • Attention to the physiology of stress and stress-related behaviors.
    • Practicing with inquiry
    • Communication: awareness of old patterns in conflict situations. Practicing “dramming tolerance.” Awareness of possible new styles of communication.
    • Quality time and trust: what does this mean in parenting, education and care?
    • The importance of compassion and self-compassion in parenting and working with children

    Supervision aspects in training:

    • Preparing and delivering an 8-week pilot training course including pre- and post-conversations
    • Writing a final paper, which highlights the program, reflection on your way of guiding, your personal learning process, guiding inquiry and your role as a Mindfulness trainer

    Would you like a phone interview about the course content? If so, feel free to contact Mark Hansen.


    Learning outcome Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer

    Main learning outcome:

    • The student, after certification, can independently conduct mindfulness training according to the principles of the Method Eline Snel for parents, teachers and professionals working with children, at school, in private practice, or in their own institution.  

    Partial learning outcome:

    • The student knows the structure, build-up and essence of the lessons in the Method Eline Snel and the trainer’s manual, and can follow them in their implementation;
    • The student knows the art of inquiry and can have conversations with adults based on this theory;
    • The student knows the importance of (self) compassion and the dangers of transference, and can use this knowledge in the lessons;
    • The student can name the effects of mindfulness in adults and their brain.

    What can you expect from AMT educators during training?

    We are here for you and aim to guide you in the training process in the best possible way.
    From the trainers you can expect commitment, long-term experience with the Method and target group, professionalism and a Mindful attitude throughout your learning process.

    What do we expect from you?

    Just as you expect commitment and compassion from us, we expect the same from you. Therefore, to obtain the certificate, it is important that you meet the following requirement:

    • Attending 100% of all training days
    • Two supervision sessions (mandatory) to follow and deepen your personal learning process (request via The costs for this supervision talk are €85 excluding VAT – these costs will be invoiced separately after the talk
    • Giving a pilot in your own target group (to at least three or more adults, who are not relatives)
    • Writing a report on your pilot experiences (12 to 14 pages)
    • 2x a recording of two whole lessons taught by you

    After certification, make your personal frog stamp which you will receive after certification visible on all your own PR materials and website

    Conditions of participation

    • Completion of an eight-week MBSR or MBCT training course
    • Completion of silent retreat of five consecutive days, prior to or during the training year.
    • Working with children/youth and/or parents in education, mental health, regular health care or own practice


    Certification and the frog stamp of approval

    The certification as Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer in the Method Eline Snel takes place after you have fulfilled all conditions described under ‘what we expect from you’.

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    For our trainers good to know – The Mindful Parenting & Teaching trainer training also counts as Refresher Course!