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Become a trainer for children?

For those who want to train children/ young people in mindfulness in Method Eline Snel.



Method Eline Snel®

Particularly in education. And particularly now. To deal with the challenges of the 21st century.



Method Eline Snel®

Peace of mind, the body rid of stress, in control of your fears and full of confidence in yourself.


  • 12 Oct AMT Course Turkey, Istanbul -FULL- In English, Turkish translation
  • 9 Aug AMT International Summerschool 2019 Mindfulness for Children
  • 16 Aug AMT Extra International Summerschool 2019 Mindfulness for Adolescents


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Warning! Phishing mails sent with the name of Eline

At this moment e-mails are sent in the name of Eline containing a request for action where you have to click on a link. If you look closely you will see in the information at the top of the mail that the mail is sent from a different domain than from elinesnel.nl. These are phishing mails.

Unfortunately, we can not do anything about this except to warn you all!

So please pay attention and see if the mail is really sent by Eline from our domain (info @ elinesnel.nl). And see if the address in a link is correct; often subtle typos are created, making it seem like you are going to a ‘real’ site.

In de spotlights

This awareness exercise for young children is not very easy for adults. AMT trainers Christian Plebst and Bea Peco teach how to pay attention with the catapillar mindful walk from the method Eline Snel ( traininggroup Uruguay 2017)

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heart beating in a heart. In search of connection, love and acceptance of who you really are! Blockqoute close

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer