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Become a trainer for children?

For those who want to train children/ young people in mindfulness in Method Eline Snel.



Method Eline Snel®

Particularly in education. And particularly now. To deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Mindfulness voor kinderen


Method Eline Snel®

Peace of mind, the body rid of stress, in control of your fears and full of confidence in yourself.


  • 26 Oct AMT FR remise à niveau: le dialogue exploratoire - Genève octobre 2019 Avec Peggy Carlier
  • 1 Nov AMT ES: Curso intensivo AMT Instructor Infantíl en Madrid Spanish spoken
  • 2 Nov AMT NL Opleiding tot Kindertrainer AMT groep maart 2019 dag 6
  • 3 Nov AMT NL Ontmoetingsdag 2019: De gouden vonk.... ....en dingen die er toe doen...


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Silent retreat

An impression of our 5-day silent retreat in Spain with Eline Snel. With special thanks to Sam van den Heuvel for this impressive movie.

Blockqoute open Inside every person, there’s a
heart beating in a heart. In search of connection, love and acceptance of who you really are! Blockqoute close

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer