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Become a trainer for children?

For those who want to train children/ young people in mindfulness in Method Eline Snel.



Method Eline Snel®

Particularly in education. And particularly now. To deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Mindfulness voor kinderen


Method Eline Snel®

Peace of mind, the body rid of stress, in control of your fears and full of confidence in yourself.


  • 18 Apr AMT NL Opleiding tot Kindertrainer AMT groep september 2019 dag 6 - online -
  • 8 May START: AMT NL: Opleiding tot Kindertrainer AMT Groep mei 2020 - dag 1 & 2 online
  • 8 May AMT Asia: AMT Basic Course Hong Kong Mindfulness for Children
  • 16 May AMT FR: Formation AMT de base I (4-12 ans) - Paris janvier/octobre 2020 Deuxième module


AMT Nieuws

The Sitting Still App has been released!

This meditation app from the Academy for Mindful Teaching is now available for download at the Apple App Store en Google Play!

Read more about the app  >>


In de spotlights

Sitting Still Like a Frog Home School

Children from all over the world are not able to go to school. Due to the Corona virus many schools have been closed. A lot of parents are wondering how they can still entertain their children these days, now we all have to stay at home as much as we can. 

In the new weekly online section ‘Sitting Still Like a Frog Home School’, Eline will share a new mindful activity which you can practice with kids at home.

The first episode is live!

Blockqoute open Inside every person, there’s a
heart beating in a heart. In search of connection, love and acceptance of who you really are! Blockqoute close

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer