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Para aquellas personas que desean impartir entrenamientos de mindfulness a niños o jóvenes utilizando el Method Eline Snel.



Especialmente en la enseñanza, y ahora más que nunca, para conseguir afrontar los retos que propone el siglo XXI.



Una mente tranquila, un cuerpo sin estrés, saber controlar el miedo y sentirse seguro de uno mismo. La Atención Funciona.


  • 29 sep Curso Intensivo AMT Instructor Juvenil, España Spanish spoken
  • 1 nov Curso Intensivo AMT Instructor Infantil, España Spanish spoken
  • 6 dic AMT Course Chile 2018 Spanish spoken
  • 19 ene Curso intensivo AMT Básico en Barcelona Spanish spoken


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Warning! Phishing mails sent with the name of Eline
At this moment e-mails are sent in the name of Eline containing a request for action where you have to click on a link. If you look closely you will see in the information at the top of the mail that the mail is sent from a different domain than from elinesnel.nl. These are phishing mails.
Unfortunately, we can not do anything about this except to warn you all!
So pay attention and see if the mail is really sent by Eline from our domain (info @ elinesnel.nl). And see if the address in a link is correct; often subtle typos are created, making it seem like you are going to a ‘real’ site.

In de spotlights

This awareness exercise for young children is not very easy for adults. AMT trainers Christian Plebst and Bea Peco teach how to pay attention with the catapillar mindful walk from the method Eline Snel ( traininggroup Uruguay 2017)

Blockqoute open Dentro de la esencia de cada persona late un corazón dentro de otro corazón. ¡Buscando vínculos, amor y aceptación de lo que uno es en realidad! Blockqoute close

Encuentra un instructor infantil de mindfulness

Encuentra un instructor infantil de mindfulness