Costs of the AMT training courses

Here you’ll find the prices for the AMT training ‘Becoming a Mindfulness Trainer for Children’ using Eline Snel’s ‘Mindfulness Matters’ method. Please note that these prices only apply in Europe. Please consult the agenda for prices in countries outside of Europe (e.g. China)

Costs AMT Training

  • Following this course costs €1,400. This includes one copy of the handbook Method Eline Snel for one age group, and all the documents you need to start your own mindfulness training Method Eline Snel in schools or a private practice.
  • Supervision (€75 per supervision) and additional work materials (such as handbooks for other age groups) are charged separately.
  • Costs for a 5-day silent retreat depend on the type, location and duration.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the cost of the AMT Summer School, see the agenda.

Costs for the AMT Extra vary. See the agenda for more information.


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