About the AMT training courses

Here you can read more about the admission requirements for one of the courses for trainer of children or adolescents with the AMT, find out more about the course content, and the components that must be followed after the course.

Before the course

Conditions for participation

  • Completion of the eight-week MBSR training by a certified trainer.
  • Degree level education
  • Working with children aged 4-19 in school, private practice, institutions or after-school care.

A personal intake interview will take place after registration. The registration will only become definitive following the interview and mutual agreement.

During the course

  • you start by preparing, and carrying out an eight-week or ten-week pilot within your own target group.
  • you receive a mandatory supervisory talk (costs are not included in the course package).
  • you write a report about your experiences during the pilot period.
  • you can expect 100% commitment and involvement from us, as well as years of experience in giving mindfulness training to children in schools, in healthcare, in private practices and to a wide range of other target groups.

We expect you to be 100% present during the intensive course days. You receive a detailed syllabus with practical and conceptual information about the content of the course days and you work with the handbook relevant to the age group you have chosen during the intake interview. We work in small groups.

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Method ES Frog

After the course

Certification and frog logo

The certification as mindfulness trainer of children, using the Eline Snel method, is awarded following 100% attendance, a completed pilot, a supervisory talk and an approved report with feedback from the trainer. After certification, each trainer of children receives a certificate and a ‘frog logo’ in their name, which is also the hallmark of our training course. You may use the hallmark on all of your PR material, your website and your correspondence.


Registration on the world map follows certification and remains active by following the annual refresher courses. Not following the refresher courses means that you will no longer be featured on the world map.

You will find information here about the annual mandatory refresher courses and the participation in a silent retreat. Read more>>