AMT trainer for adolescents (12-19 years)

AMT basic training as mindfulness trainer for adolescents (12-19 years old)Pubertraining

The AMT trainer for adolescents course qualifies you to train young people from 13 to 19 years old in mindfulness using the Eline Snel method (also known as ‘Mindfulness Matters’), in schools, institutions, or in private practice.

Duration of the course: six intensive training days spread over nine months. Giving an eight-week pilot yourself, writing a report and both requesting and having a supervisory talk are part of the course.

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Course Content

During the six intensive training days of the basic training for mindfulness trainer for adolescents we work interactively and experientially. Read more>>

After the AMT Training

After your certification as an AMT trainer for adolescents in ‘Mindfulness Matters’, a five-day silent retreat and an AMT refresher course once a year are required components to retain your certification. Read more about these components here.

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Never before have I followed a course that offers so much personal attention and where so much experience and professionalism come together. And believe me, I’ve done plenty of training courses!

– Comments from a student