AMT Extra module

After completion of the basic course Method Eline Snel trainer for children, it is possible to further specialise by following an extra AMT module for teens.

AMT Extra Method Eline Snel for teens

  • AMT extra module for teaching mindfulness to young people aged 12 to 19.
  • The cost of this two-day training course is €450 ex. VAT.
  • Two-day training, including handbook specifically aimed at young people.
  • It is possible to follow this module after completion of the AMT basic training for trainer for children (4 to 12 years old).



Material for students

Material especially developed for students can be ordered online from the AMT website. There is a discount policy for schools.

The ‘Sitting Still’ app is for children aged 12 and older, and for adults.

Material for parents: parents can order the books ‘Sitting still like a Frog’ and ‘Breathe through this – Mindfulness for Parents and Teenagers’ (will be published in the autumn of  2015). Both books integrate seamlessly with the training.

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