AMT Training Courses

The International Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT) course qualifies you to give mindful training (also known as Mindfulness) to children/yoKinderenung people using the Eline Snel Method (‘Mindfulness Matters’). The course is meant for teachers, therapists, doctors, special education experts, child coaches, psychologists and psychiatrists who work with children from 4 to 19 years of age. A personal intake interview will take place after registration. The registration will only become definitive following the interview and mutual agreement.

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The training course

  • AMT Basic training Method Eline Snel trainer for children (4-12 years old).
    Read more>>
  • AMT Basic training Method Eline Snel trainer for adolescents (12-19 years old). Read more>>
  • AMT Extra module – after the basic training to become a children’s trainer in Method Eline Snel, it is possible to follow an extra module. Read more >>
  • AMT Mindfulness in Education Method Eline Snel, for certified trainers of children/ certified MBSR trainers of adults Read more>>
  • We offer the ‘AMT Summer School’ (in English) both abroad and in international schools in the Netherlands. Read more>>


Watch the trailer about ‘Mindfulness Matters’, the internationally used Eline Snel method for training children and young people in mindfulness.


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