Sitting Still App

The Sitting Still App

Mindfulness for teens and anyone interested in mindfulness

Troubled by stress? Difficulty focusing for an exam? Could do with a bit more self-confidence? The Sitting Still app is a pleasant and accessible tool for winding down your overloaded mind. Connecting with your body. And… trusting your own qualities. A de-stressed mind learns and treats itself better, doesn’t worry about the future or the past as much and sleeps better. It’s good to allow yourself a daily moment to catch your breath, away from the hectic society you live in. And answering the questions after each meditation will help you gain an improved understanding of your own meditation process!

The Sitting Still app offers various meditations plus all kinds of additional options like a log, notebook, elaborate statistics and the ability to set time and location-specific reminders to help you learn how to wind down anywhere and anytime.

The app offers various guided meditations from the globally renowned Eline Snel Method. This method is very successful both nationally and abroad, and it allows you to work on your attention more consciously anywhere and anytime.

The Sitting Still app is a great way to become more effective at handling stress, excessive worrying and difficult emotions.