Suffering from stress? Having difficulty concentrating for an exam? Need a little more confidence? The Sitting Still App is an enjoyable and accessible everyday tool to calm your mind, connect you with your body, and trust on your own qualities. If your mind is relaxed, you’ll learn better, spend less time brooding about the past or future, and sleep more deeply. The Sitting Still App is a great opportunity to take a moment and catch your breath during a (hectic) day.

The Sitting Still App

The Sitting Still App has been specially developed for adolescents but is also widely used by adults as an opportunity to practice friendly, conscious and, above all, open Mindfulness. It helps you pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and to unwind in moments of stress, panic, insecurity, and other negative emotions. Mindfulness gives you confidence and awareness that you can influence your reactions to tension and situations you don’t like.

You can’t stop the waves in your life, but you can learn to surf them, and that makes a big difference!

Downloading the Sitting Still App

You can download the Sitting Still App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Sitting Still App is available in English, Dutch, and French. You can change the language in the it’s settings.