Bracelet – available in two sizes. Small and large.

The ‘Being kind is nice’ bracelet helps you practise being friendly, caring and nice to yourself and others.

The small bracelet is suitable for children and smaller-wristed adults. It is 18 cm in circumference.
The large bracelet is suitable for adolescents from the age of 14 and larger-wristed adults. It is 21,5 cm in circumference.

The bracelet for children is available in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.
The bracelet for adolescents is available in Dutch and English.

For children trainers
The bracelet is part of the lessons of handbook 2. It’s also included the work set.

For adolescents trainers
The bracelet is part of the lessons of handbook 4. It’s also included in the work set.
I’s optional to order the bracelet for use with the lessons of handbook 3. It’s not included in the work set.

For Mindfulness in Education trainers
This bracelet is part of lesson 7 of the workbook. You use it for parents, teachers and children.


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