Masterclass Inquiry

Inquiry is a unique form of dialogue in Mindfulness Training. An exploratory dialogue that follows the experience of the other and the development of insight into this. The basis of this workshop is the practice of Inquiry. Besides exploring the theory, the embodiment of Mindfulness in the dialogue will get our attention. In this interactive workshop there will be several exercises.

Aim of the 2-day workshop:
– Refining meditative awareness in interaction with participants
– Walk the talk: the necessity of own mindfulness experience and practice
– Cultivating sincere interest in what the other experiences without losing yourself
– When do you “go” and when do you “stop”?
– The 8 factors of mindfulness as a basis
– Deepening Inquiry skills
– Practicing with the three levels on which Inquiry takes place
– Learning to trust the inner wisdom of each participant
– Trusting in not knowing what the other person is experiencing until he/she tells it

Learning outcome Masterclass Inquiry:
The Inquiry Masterclass is designed for Mindfulness trainers who train children, young people, parents and/or teachers in the MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction training) or the Eline Snel Method. During training, the student can ask the right questions from an understanding and compassionate attitude, allowing participants to gain self-insight.

The trainer can give a participant insight into his/her inner world (feelings – thoughts – physical signals) and the influence of the outside world (pressure of work, stressful situations, lack of compassion).

The trainer can give the participant insight into automatic thoughts, so that transformation becomes possible.

The trainer can notice whether:
– participants feel heard, seen and understood
– participants recognise their own fluctuations in mood and mental state
– participants understand the course material and know how to apply it in daily life
– participants experience obstacles and investigate what the participant needs in order to remove these obstacles.

After participating in a Masterclass Inquiry, the trainer can:

– ask questions that bring the participant back to the actual experience of the exercise, reflection or meditation;
– independently guide the process of exchanging experiences during a mindfulness training;
– the tendency to ask too many questions, therapeutic questions or not to ask questions recognize;
– encouraging participants to practice meditation, reflection exercises, keeping (stress) journals and supporting self-compassion, without pressure;
recognising when the participants have understood and felt the teaching, i.e. on both a cognitive and a conscious experience level;

You will be able to rely on the self-efficacy of participants and know the proven benefits of participating in a mindfulness training course through scientific qualitative and quantitative research.

Masterclass Inquiry – For whom?
Child and/or adolescent trainers and mindfulness trainers for adults (S-MBSR in the Method Eline Snel, previously known as Mindfulness in Education (MiE)). Also trainers who have previously followed an Inquiry workshop can participate.

Date: October 29 & 30, 2022
Time: 1.00 – 6.00 PM (CET Time Zone)
Trainer: Eline Snel & Mark Hansen
Location: Online
Investment: €295