Support for the parents

Eline Snel has written two books for parents ‘Sitting still like a Frog’ and ‘Breathe through this – Mindfulness for Parents and Teenagers’. ‘Sitting still like a Frog’ is published in more than 30 countries and support the parents in continuing the various exercises at home. It’s successor, ‘Breathe through this – Mindfulness for Parents and Teenagers’, will be published in autumn 2015.


The ‘Sitting Still’ app is used by young people and their parents, teachers and aid workers. The “Sitting Still like a Frog” documentary illustrates how mindfulness has found a place in education. Watch the trailer here.

More than 6,000 children have already followed the ‘Mindfulness Matters’ training. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Hong Kong. More than 550 teachers have been trained by the International Academy for Mindful Teaching in the previously named countries.

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