About the Method Eline Snel

Core programme of ‘Mindfulness Matters’

Method Eline Snel is an evidence-based programme by Eline Snel, based on the mindfulness training for adults by Jon Kabat Zinn, and developed for children aged between 4 and 19. During the training, children learn to calm their attention, to stabilise, focus and shift. They learn to observe their inner world without immediately judging or reacting to it. They learn to deal with calm and turmoil at the moments these present themselves. Acknowledging ‘troublesome thoughts and feelings’ without burying them away, but by simply giving them some kind attention. And above all: they learn to be kind, to themselves and others.

An ‘unstressed’ mind is better able to learn. Multiple brain studies in adults and children show that mindfulness promotes and strengthens the development of the prefrontal cortex.

What courses are available?

  • ‘Method Eline Snel forms the basis of an eight-week training course for children aged between 4 and 12. You give the training on a fixed day and time, half an hour per week. On the other days of the week, ‘ten-minute lessons’ take place for elaboration and repetition. You give these ‘ten-minute lessons’ throughout the whole year.
  • Besides this there is also a ten-week training for adolescents aged between 12 and 19. You give the training, for example, during mentor hour or as an after-school training of 90 minutes, with an open enrolment of students. After this, you can organise refresher meetings and exam training for example once a month, or every fortnight.

Trainers in practice

The training was developed fully in practice by Eline Snel. As an individual trainer of children, you can give the Method Eline Snel training to your own class. Increasingly often, the training is given across the whole school by several trainers of children. During the AMT course you can choose one of the four handbooks. Every handbook is meant for one specific age category. They are developed in collaboration with children, teachers and management teams of various schools: in primary and secondary education, regular and special education, in large and small schools, in deprived neighbourhoods and richer areas. Method Eline Snel anywhere, anytime.


Watch the trailer of the documentary about ‘Mindfulness Matters’ and Eline Snel.


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