Bring a Friend

Do you regularly feel curious?

Bring a friend is a great idea for getting a discount while participating in AMT training courses. The total discount applies to 1 to 3 additional new participants. Both you and the new participant will receive 100 euros p.p. after the start of the first day of the training or said training of the newly appointed student.

If you and a friend become enthusiastic participants in the training to become a Mindfulness child trainer and / or the annual training to become a trainer in Mindful Parenting & Teaching Trainer, you will both receive a 100 euro discount on the training price

If your friend starts the Mindfulness Child Trainer course and you yourself want to follow the Specialisation course to also become a Mindfulness Adolescents Trainer, your friend will receive a €100 discount and you will receive a €50 discount on the course price.

If you and a friend participate in the MBSR training of Eline Snel or the 8-week Mindful Parenting & Teaching training, you will receive, as soon as you both start the 8-week training, a 50 euro discount p.p.

The bring a friend bonus only applies if the new student has attended the first day of classes or meetings. A new student is someone who has not previously followed an education or training with us.

Check the agenda in your preferred language for the start of our courses.

We look forward to seeing you soon!