The aim of the foundation is to support children in refugee camps, from disadvantaged backgrounds, or war zones, who are globally suffering from violence and poverty, to be able to develop as people who can be proud of themselves. And to make the best out of their talents.

We want to do this by:

Encouraging personal growth

So that they can continue to change according to their full capabilities. At their own pace. In their own way.

Stimulate autonomy

By stimulating to be independent in doing and being. By learning how to be positive towards themselves by both acknowledging their positive and less positive qualities with a non-judgemental attitude..

Letting children prosper internally

By cultivating integrity, friendliness, tolerance, and patience.

Teaching them to connect safely

With feelings of fear, helplessness, sorrow, mistrust, anger or other feelings and thoughts which have a huge effect on their behaviour and attitude towards life.

To teach children to build healthy relationships with others; warm, emphatic, and full of trust. With a mutual care and a healthy balance between giving and taking.

Mindfulness in education plays a big role in this.

The AMT is happy to donate part of her profit to the Frog Foundation.

Are you curious about the special projects we have been able to support until now? Click on the Frog foundation news.

All donations a welcome and will be used to make our mission and vision come true!

The Frog foundation is recognized by the Dutch tax authority as a public-interest body (a Dutch ANBI Stichting)