Once you’ve completed a training course at the Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT), it’s required to attend a post-academic day at least once a year. We think it’s important to keep the quality of trainers high, deepen their experience, and keep their knowledge up to date. You’ll have a chance to meet and be inspired by other trainers, give one another time and attention, and follow new developments.

Post-academic days at AMT

We offer various post-academic days throughout the year, such as silent day-retreats, Masterclass Inquiry, Masterclass Compassion, Buddhist Psychology, Dealing with disruptive behaviour, and more..

For dates and details, and to register, please check our Agenda.


You can also attend post-academic days organised by other providers in the Netherlands and abroad. You’ll receive more information about these during the training course. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, or want to share details of a course that you want to take part of.
“Every post-academic day gives me new energy and insights to continue on the path of mindfulness for children. They’ve changed my life. They’re interesting and varied, and the two-day post- academic Inquiry that I attended at the AMT was great! Both on a personal and a professional level, I highly recommend them to anyone who gives mindfulness training to children, adolescents, or adults.” – Alexander Bakker