Help us, adolescents, to cope differently with violence, and sexual and emotional abuse.

Support them!

The AMT is supporting them too.

In 2019, Eline supported the MINDFUL – COMPASSION AND CHILD VIOLENCE PREVENTION project in Colombia both privately as from the AMT. In 2021 we would like to continue to support all the volunteers who are teaching this indispensable training to young people. Eline has trained three psychologists for free in all of our AMT training programmes. Susanna Roque one of those three psychologists, is the director of this immensely important project. The Frog Foundation has a warm heart for her and her co-workers.

  1. Teachers and educators will receive de program Mindfulness In Education, MIE, ©Method Eline Snel – Academy for Mindful Teaching
  2. Teachers and educators will practice vocal and instrumental music exercises inspired from the MIE teachings in its three sections: The Art of Observation, Reactivity versus Proactivity, and Self-Compassion and Compassion.
  3. Teachers and educators will receive the training on how to deliver our complete program Mindfulness Based Sexual Violence Prevention – MBSVP- Pre-adolescents which consist in:

The ©Method Eline Snel – Academy for Mindful Teaching– is developed, followed by the transmission, through artistic practices, of instructions on how to prevent and defend themselves from sexual violence. The program lasts 8 weeks, meetings of 2 hours every week.