The Academy for Mindful Teaching is a Foundation with a clear vision and mission. We work with a team of experienced and inspired trainers in the Netherlands and abroad. We regard synergy with our back office and other colleagues as essential. We identify closely with what we do. Perhaps that makes all the difference!

Undivided, non-judgemental attention for everyone, works!


Connecting and inspiring

Eline Snel founded the AMT in the Netherlands in 2009, and it soon became an international success. Soon it also became an international success. The AMT started in France in 2012, followed by Hong Kong (2013), South America, Spain (2014), Turkey (2017) and Poland (2020). Courses in Germany will begin in 2021.

Starting in 2014, Eline provided three years’ free training to several Mindfulness trainers in these countries.

We are a steward-owned company

A steward-owned company has two core principles:

  • Purpose before Profit
  • Self-management

These two principles allow the Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT) to remain independent so it can continue to work in a motivated way on important life values by focusing on its mission and vision. These values are deeply embedded in all layers of the company. The academy has no owner; as foundation it is managed by a directorate. This means that in the long term, the AMT cannot be sold or commercialised. Nor does profit generated by our company benefit one or just a limited number of people; instead it is used for innovation and fostering training programmes. Via the Frog Foundation Eline Snel, it funds worthy causes that aim to support children in difficult circumstances.


We know and feel that in essence the sincere care and consideration we have for one another in every facet of the organisation is key to our worldly well-being. This applies to trainers, participants, translators, the owners of our training location, the back office, those who prepare our meals, the suppliers of our products, but also to the thousands of children who follow our training programmes. We couldn’t do our work without you!

A steward-owned company, of which there are only a few in the Netherlands, is a new concept of working whereby everyone is directly and personally responsible for promoting and realizing the company’s mission and vision. This way of working yields enthusiastic employees who think and collaborate outside the box to fulfil the goals of our foundation in the interests of a greater good.

To support worthy causes in the Netherlands devoted to Mindfulness for children, parents, teachers and healthcare workers, it is compulsory to establish a “worthy causes” foundation. In our case that is the Frog Foundation Eline Snel. The AMT donates regularly to the Frog Foundation. Would you or your business also like to donate?

Click on Frog Foundation Eline Snel


The book ‘Sitting still like a frog’ changes the lives of children
and their parents.
Working according to the Eline Snel method changes
the lives of trainers.
We speak the language of children from all over the world
because Mindfulness is universal
and not linked to culture,
or background.
Love for each child lies at the
heart of all our lessons.

Eline Snel

Founder and director of the Foundation Academy for Mindful Teaching

As part of the AMT team, I enjoy developing training and education materials and mindfulness apps for children, and writing books.

I put my heart and soul into giving training courses and workshops at home and abroad. The annual silent retreat gives peace in a busy life. I’m a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, and a guest lecturer on mindfulness for children at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

My books Sitting Still Like a Frog, for parents of children between 4 and 12 (2010), and Breathe through this for parents of adolescents (2014), have been published in 42 countries and translated into 30 languages.

As a member of the supervisory board I supervise the shaping of the AMT’s strategy, with the emphasis on constantly maintaining and improving the quality of our education, and facing new developments head on. What we do is who we are!

info@elinesnel.com | +31 (0)6 144 352 32



As a trainer I find it important to create a safe atmosphere within the group, so that an optimal learning climate is created. Both during and outside the training days, I try to be available to students as much as possible. My style as a trainer is one of calmness, humour, and accessibility. I look forward to meeting you during one of our training courses.

mark@elinesnel.com | +31 (0)6 41794028‬

Christiane Belitz

Educator to-be

I am a pedagogue and worked in different international schools in Asia and Europe. While I was experiencing mindfulness for myself during a delegation in Hong Kong I had the woderful opportunity to follow the training program with Eline Snel. The frog program became a very important part of my life. The chance to guide children and young people through calmness and true listening to discover their inner world is very precious to me.

The program of Eline Snel is already well known in many different countries. Together with the AMT I will support the expansion oft he program Eline Snel in the gerrman speaking countries.



Back Office Manager

The AMT has many different facets, and so does my work as back office manager. I’m an enthusiastic person, and I’ll try my best to help you with questions and practical issues concerning training courses and Post-Academic Days. I’ll guide you through your training course as you learn to become a children’s trainer, help you plan your teaching days, and eventually hand over your coveted certificate. I’ll also be happy to help with any other questions you may have. Feel free to email me, and hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!

amt@elinesnel.com | +31 (0)6 83083724


Webshop Manager

I know from experience how important and enjoyable mindfulness can be, and I’m happy to be involved in the Academy for Mindful Teaching. I’m the point of contact for the webshop, and am happy to help you with questions and remarks about orders and products.

ingrid@elinesnel.com | +31 (0)6 15398517‬

Information about our whole international team you can find by clicking on AMT global