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Mindfulness in Education (MiE) is an eight-week training course for parents, school teachers, psychologists and carers of children from 4 to 16 years of age. The course has been developed by Eline Snel and has been conducted with parents and teachers for many years. The result: “the course is wonderful and powerful and, in conjunction with the ‘parent books’, extremely practical to apply in our busy family and challenging profession as a schoolteacher”.

Trainer: Mark Hansen
Language: English

What will you learn during this eight-week training course?

  • Develop the ability to sincerely and authentically be interested in and aware of your own, and your children’s feelings, thoughts and physical signals
  • Be aware of the unique nature, unique temperament and unique needs of every child
  • Realise that children don’t always listen, but are unbelievably good at copying their parents
  • Learn to see and hear with interest the qualities that are developing within your children. Things that require your attention, and those that more or less develop by themselves without you having to do anything!
  • Realise that every moment is new and relationships with children can be experienced differently and renewed at any given moment
  • Trusting that every parent-child relationship can be repaired from a base of love, should a breakup have taken place
  • Develop the ability to recognise our own automatic reactive tendencies and redirect them into a conscious, kind and non-judgemental response. Friendly, Understanding, Awareness Accepting

For whom
The training is suitable for parents, teachers and professionals who work with children. The training is also very suitable for parents of children with a child psychiatric diagnosis. This training is also suitable as a pre-course for the AMT Training to become a child trainer.

This training will take place exclusively in a live online environment. For this it is important to have access to a computer or tablet with internet connection and webcam with microphone. Further instructions on how to log in will follow after registration.

Material & Cost
The training includes an extensive workbook (in either English, French, Turkish, Spanish or Dutch), a bracelet, exercises and meditation downloads. It also includes any individual online coaching session during the 8 weeks of the training. Exclusive is the book Sitting Still like a Frog or Breathe through this written by Eline Snel. You can get this at your local or online bookstore. It is neccessary for this 8 week course. The cost for this 8-week online training is €330.

Dates & Time
The training will run for eight weeks from May 10, 2022, 2:30 – 5:00 PM (CEST Time Zone)



(Dinsdag) 14:30 - 17:00




Lesson 1: May 10
Lesson 2: May 17
Lesson 3: May 24
Lesson 4: May 31
Lesson 5: June 7
Lesson 6: June 14
Lesson 7: June 21
Lesson 8: June 28