AMT Training Courses

Become a trainer for children?

For those who want to train children/ young people in mindfulness in Method Eline Snel.



Method Eline Snel®

Particularly in education. And particularly now. To deal with the challenges of the 21st century.



Method Eline Snel®

Peace of mind, the body rid of stress, in control of your fears and full of confidence in yourself.


  • 5 May AMT course Hong Kong -FULL- First meeting
  • 9 May AMT extra Hong Kong First and final meeting
  • 12 May AMT course Hong Kong -FULL- Second meeting
  • 7 Aug AMT International Summer School 2017 English spoken
Blockqoute open Inside every person, there’s a
heart beating in a heart. In search of connection, love and acceptance of who you really are! Blockqoute close

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer

Find a mindfulness children’s trainer